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Thread: The Windows XP OEMBIOS Archive

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    both xp and 2003 versions working

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    Both versions are working for me too - thanks.
    "Entropy isn't what it used to be."

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    Please don't remove anything "redundant". It is not "redundant". If you have several sets of original recovery media and want to know which fit a system, ALL known sets should be included. Because ALL of them were put out as media at some point.

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    Thank you very much for the tool and thank you for the clarification! It sounded like you were doing something which you are obviously not.

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    Can we play the "help the idiot (me)" game please?

    Can i use the information from OEMBIOSTEST for Windows Xp 64bit or it will work only for 32 bit?
    I can see the sticky threads but they just show information, not explaining what it's for, and if it works for 64bit or not?
    Sorry for being stupid

    Right now i'm using SLIC modded bios and windows 7 with DELL keys, and i have windows XP 32bit CD with the (lol) MR49R key that always works.
    But I'm totally lost for Windows XP 64 bit.

    Can someone help out?
    I'm downloading the "en_windows_xp_professional_x64.sdc" file right now, i hope it will uncompress without problems.
    But aside from that, i have no idea what to do next.
    Will i be able to convert the iso from the .sdc to EOM and use the info from OEMBIOSTEST to mod it?
    Do i have to make a custom CD beforehand and then burn it and install it or i can do that after installing XP 64bit?
    Will XP 64bit update to sp2 with this method?

    Please help totally lost here
    All i want is windows xp 64 bit with EOM fix or something that works like the MR49R key for 32bit. help please ^^

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    @ livingwater, if your modded bios has the dell OEM SLP string added you can just install xp pro x64 and download dell oembios files and use VLK and OEMBIOS changer... to add you oembios files and dell x64 serial number.

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    Default REQUEST: command line switch (to suppress Press Enter!)

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